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Favorite New Acne Scar Cream

Written on August 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm, by

Here are ConsumerPlanetWatch, we are always on the lookout for new types of products, particularly skin care and beauty products. These products are often the ones with the most outlandish claims which are subjective in nature. It can be hard to find the truth when evaluating these products and whether or not they work.

So when it came time to pick the products for getting rid of acne scars, we turned to the experts on acne scar cream at for help. They really one cream in particular, but we do not want to reveal it on this site and take their thunder. We will say that it is a solid product so we cannot blame them for their decision. You should visit their site to read a full review on the product including what its ingredients are and how to use the product.

acne scar cream

The experts at believe that this cream is the best solution for the discoloration associated with bad acne scars. People who suffer from serious acne scars often get dark purple marks on their face in addition to the classic ice pick or rolling acne scars. These hypertrophic or pitted scars can be lightened with the active ingredients found in their recommended product.

While not exactly products, other procedures for acne scar removal include surgeries like subcision. Given the extreme cost, pain, and long recovery time, most people opt for over the counter home treatments for their acne scars before jumping right into a surgery like subcision.

Shun DM0718 Classic 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 8:12 pm, by

Even in a well-stocked kitchen with all of the supplies a chef could need, there is always one knife that a cook reaches for time after time. Once they get comfortable with that one instrument, you have to pry it out of their fingers. This Santoku knife from Shun is designed to be just that kind of knife. Large enough for big jobs, yet nimble enough to handle delicate work.

This Shun Classic 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is made to very exacting specifications that produce a fine piece of cutlery. It has a forged stainless steel blade that comes razor sharp right out of the box. There is no upfront sharpening or straightening of the blade necessary – just open the package and get right to work. That blade is scalloped on the edge to help prevent sliced foods from sticking after they have been cut. Because there is less surface area for the food items to hold onto, they will be more inclined to slide easily off the knife and back onto the cutting board.

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Features and Benefits of the Shun DM0718

One of the unique features of this Shun Santoku knife is the layered process that the blade is constructed from. The core is made of VG-10 ‘super steel, which is clad with an additional 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. This produces a look referred to as a ‘Damascus’ finish, and also a blade that will hold its shape in the long run. On the end of that blade is a D-shaped handle made from Pakkawood that has a beautiful ebony finish.

While this knife is called a Santoku, it is actually a cross between a Santoku and a traditional Chef’s knife. That is because the shape of the bottom edge of the blade is more rounded that a normal Santoku, which traditionally has a flatter profile. This gives flexibility to the chef who can cut foods with either a rocking motion, or a straight up-and-down style cut. That versatility is one reason why this knife is a great choice to be the ‘go-to’ for any cutlery need.

Customer Reviews

A common first impression from those who purchase this knife is just how tremendously sharp it really is. They say that the knife just seems to ‘fall’ through the food down to the cutting board, with almost no effort required. Other owners note how big the knife is in person, and how that size allows it to handle any job thrown its way. The beautiful look of the knife is also a popular compliment from those who have one in their kitchens.

It is hard to find many complaints about this high end knife. One small issue is that some users seem to have a little trouble at first adjusting to the balance of the knife. The handle is set back just slightly from the start of the blade, and can feel off-kilter if you hold the knife all the way down on the handle. This awkwardness quickly goes away however, and most find themselves loving this knife within just a few uses.

The Shun DM0718 Classic 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is highly recommend to anyone looking for a do-it-all kitchen knife. While it does require a sizeable upfront investment for just a single knife, that cost will be worth it to the home cook who is frequently cutting and chopping. If you already have a basic set of knives for your kitchen and are looking for that one additional piece, this Shun Classic Santoku will be an excellent pick.

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Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 7:59 pm, by

When shopping for a new knife set, most consumers focus mostly on function alone. After all, you want a knife set that is durable, sharp, and versatile enough to take on any kitchen challenge. However, there is another component that needs to be considered. Any knife set that comes in a block will likely be place on your countertop and remain there for years to come. For all the time spent planning kitchen décor and color schemes, it seems silly to throw any old ugly knife set on the counter as a permanent fixture.

For consumers who purchase the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set, there is the best of both worlds. The Chicago Cutlery knives are high quality and can certainly get the job done. On top of that, however, is the beautiful honey maple wood block to hold the knives that will look good in any setting. Even the handle ends of the knives themselves are designed to be sleek and stylish, fitting in nicely to a modern kitchen. This is a beautiful set of knives and a block that you will be proud to display.

We have found the best price on this set is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:

Features and Benefits of the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set

On the performance side of the ledger, there is also much to talk about. The following features and benefits will all be found in this comprehensive set:

  • High carbon steel. Each knife blade is forged from high carbon steel and finished with a black poly handle that is both comfortable and easy to clean. The characteristics of high carbon steel are such that it resists staining, rusting, and pitting over time.
  • Precise edge. Using a method called a ‘taper grind edge’ the Chicago Cutlery Fusion knives stay sharp for longer than a traditional knife edge. When the time does come to sharpen the blades, that process is also made easier thanks to the taper grind.
  • Stainless Steel Cap. The bottom of each knife handle is finished with a stainless steel plate that helps the set to achieve the sleek appearance mentioned above.

The video above demonstrates that this blade is still able to cut hard-to-cut foods with no sharpening even after 8 weeks of regular use.

Types of Knives in the Set

This set contains all of the knife types you would expect from a full collection. The two that standout as the most useful are the 7-inch Santoku knife and the 7 ¾-inch Chef’s knife. Those two knives alone will get you through most regular kitchen tasks with ease. Beyond those are a selection of paring, bread, and steak knives to round out the set.

Customer Feedback

Owners of this set are complimentary about a few specific areas. First, they like the overall weight and balance of the knives. They feel heavy for their size, and reflect a quality of knife that you would expect from a higher price range. The good looking block and overall set appearance is also appreciated. Some noted that while they weren’t sure they would like the poly handles, they actually enjoy them once put into action.

On the other side of the coin, one complaint is that the set does not line up evenly in the block. Some owners report the handles not resting in a straight line when all put away, which may be annoying to some. Also, other owners caution to not expect a ‘chef’ quality set at this price point. They agree that it is a good set of knives just that expectations have to be realistic.

Review Summary

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set wins great reviews from the vast majority of consumers who purchase it. If you are conscious not only of the utility of a knife set, but also the aesthetics, give this set some serious consideration. In all likelihood you will be very pleased with the performance of the knives, and you will love the way they look on your counter.

We have found the best price on this set is available at Amazon – click here to check it out!

Wusthof Silverpoint II 18-Piece Block Knife Set Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 7:50 pm, by

Just because you may not be a professional chef does not mean you don’t need a full knife set in your kitchen. After all, preparing good food for your family requires the use of many different knives in a variety of applications

There is nothing more frustrating in the kitchen than not being able to execute a recipe properly because you don’t have the proper equipment. Rather than having to continually wash and reuse the same knife, even if it isn’t right for the job, is time consuming and annoying. Having a full knife set that can handle whatever job is thrown at it will make home cooking faster and more enjoyable.

To satisfy that need, consider looking at the Wusthof Silverpoint II 18-Piece Block Knife Set. This set is made in Germany, home to the best knife makers in the world. We have searched the internet and found the best price is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:

Pieces in the Set

The set includes the following knives:

  • 8-inch Cooks knife, capable of taking on any task. This is the do-it-all member of the set.
  • 8-inch Bread knife that has a serrated edge and can smoothly slice through even the freshest loaf of bread.
  • 8-inch Carver, perfect for carving up turkey, steak, ham, or any other meat.
  • 4 paring knives of various sizes to help with small jobs such as peeling and dicing fruit.
  • 5-inch serrated knife that can be put to use getting through tough material.
  • 6 steak knives for setting the table during any meal with a large piece of meat.
  • Honing steel, kitchen shears, and storage block.

With the wide range of knives included in this set, the home cook will never find themselves at a loss for the right tool. This set is not only about variety, however. These are quality knives that have several user-friendly features. The first is a full-tang design, which means the blade of the knife runs all the way through the handle.

This helps the knives feel solid while cutting, and gives them a nice overall balance. Also, the handles have a pebble grain ergonomic design for the cook to be able to get a comfortable, firm grip while using the knife. Each knife edge is laser tested to ensure sharpness and uniform cutting from tip to heel.

Learn more about the construction of Wusthof Knives in the video below:

Customer Reviews

Current owners of this knife set are pleased with the overall quality, and find them to be a good value for the price. The knives come very sharp right out of the box, and look great as well. Users note how easily they cut through even difficult pieces of meat. The only notable complaint to be found about this set is that they feel a little cheaper than other Wusthof lines. This is likely due to their lightweight design, which can be a matter of personal preference. Before buying these knives, consider whether you like a heavier or lighter feeling knife while cooking.

In all, this set will please almost every home cook. There is a sufficient variety of knife styles in the set to get any job done. The pebbling on the handles is a nice touch and adds both comfort and security. This set is perfect for anyone trying to find a top name brand set without breaking the bank. For genuine German-made knives at under $200, you can’t go wrong with the Wusthof Silverpoint II 18-Piece Block Knife Set.

We have searched the internet and found the best price is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:

J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 7:44 pm, by

If you are in the market for a new knife set, you may be shocked by some of the price tags you have seen. To be sure, there are some expensive knives out there. And while those high priced knives certainly have their advantages, they are not for everyone. The average home cook simply doesn’t use their knives enough, or for as difficult of work, as the professional chefs who usually purchase such expensive equipment. For the home chef, a combination of quality and value pricing is a good choice when finding a knife set.

The J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set with Bonus Cheese Knife is a great example of just such a combination. While much less expensive than other knives in the Henckels’ line, the International Everedge set still provides functionality and durability for the average cook. You can get this set for a great price at Amazon – click here to check it out:

Pieces in the Set

There are a total of twelve knives in this set, plus the block making up the total of 13 pieces. The workhorse of the set is the 8-inch chef’s knife. This is the one most likely to be used for chopping, cutting meat, slicing, etc. After the chef’s knife, there is the 8-inch bread knife and 6-inch utility knife.

The bread knife is serrated and has a very specific purpose, while the utility knife can step in just about anywhere the chef’s knife could be used. Other knives in the set include a 5-inch tomato knife, 6-inch boning knife, a small paring knife, and six steak knives. The blades are made from stamped stainless steel and attached to a polypropylene handle which can stand up to heat and resists bacteria. This specific set also includes a bonus cheese knife for all of your cheese cutting and preparing needs.

Why Choose the J.A. Henckels 13 Piece Set?

Of the many reasons to choose this set, the following three stand out:

  • Economy. Often available for under $50, this set is simply a great deal. The Henckels name indicates quality and durability, so getting in on this discounted set is an opportunity to have that name on your counter for a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Hygienic. Instead of wood handles that can actually absorb dangerous bacteria from uncooked food, these knives have polypropylene hands that are not only impenetrable to bacteria, but are long lasting as well.
  • Everedge Blades. The unique ‘Everedge’ design of the blades means they are micro-serrated and therefore never need to be sharpened.

The owners of Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set unanimously brag about the cost effective solution that these knives brought to the kitchen. While acknowledging that they are not the highest end option available, owners are happy with the quality given the affordable price tag. These are not meant to be lifelong knives, but rather a very easy to use and consistent set for a low price. Most discuss how they will at some point think about investing in a higher-end Henckels set, but are happy for now with this model.

On the downside of these knives is the fact that they are not full-tang designed, meaning the blade stops where it meets the handle. This creates a very lightweight feel that some enjoy while others do not. Another complaint is that despite the Henckels name, these knives are actually made in China, not Germany. However, they are still covered under Henckels lifetime protection plan.

If budget is your primary concern while shopping for a knife set, give this 13-Piece block set strong consideration. Naturally you still want to find quality while saving money, and this set balances those two concerns rather successfully. These are a great option for new homeowners, big families that are on a tight budget, or those who don’t cook often enough to invest in a more expensive set.

We have found that the best price on this set at Amazon – click here to check it out!

Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 7:37 pm, by

When furnishing a new home, there is a seemingly endless amount of things to purchase. There is dishware, appliances, furniture, bedding, and on and on. It can be an overwhelming process for anyone, especially for newlyweds who are also dealing with the stress of putting on a wedding.

The key to a successful transition into a new home is being able to start living like normal as soon as possible. That includes being able to cook in rather than order out every night. One of the biggest elements to cooking in is a quality knife set – and that’s exactly what you get from the Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block. We have scoured the internet and found the best price on this item is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:

Pieces In the Wusthof 12-Piece Knife Set

This German-made set is ideal for those just establishing a first home, or anyone in need of replacing a worn out old set. Included in this set are the following pieces –

  • Two paring knives
  • A utility knife
  • An 8-inch bread knife
  • An 8-inch cook’s knife
  • Four steak knives
  • Nine inch honing steel
  • Kitchen Shears
  • 13-slot storage block

The above list includes everything the home cook needs to prepare any meal. Each knife includes a polypropylene handle which is riveted securely to the blade for long lasting durability. The sharp blade edges are made from tempered steel and cut using laser technology to ensure consistency. Each knife has a full-tang handle, meaning the steel runs all the way from the tip of the knife through the handle.

With some full-block knife sets, the consumer has to sacrifice quality for the savings of buying all of the knives at once. That is not the case with the Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block. Many knife sets are made from old-style stamped steel, which creates a thinner and less balanced blade. These Wusthof knives are stamped more like forged knives to ensure great feel and ease of use. This process brings the cutting ability of a forged knife combined with the lightweight versatility of a stamped blade. Wash these knives by hand to ensure they stay perfectly sharp long into the future.

Buyer Feedback

Buyers of the Wusthof Gourmet 12-piece knife set are first and foremost impressed with the overall quality. Their comments range from how sharp each knife is, to how balanced the block sits while moving knives in and out. They are praised as being highly functional for the personal kitchen, and being a good balance of high performance for a reasonable price. Most feel that getting a better set than this one would require spending hundreds of more dollars.

A couple purchasers, however, have questioned the quality of the handles. There have been a few instances of handles breaking and cracking after a short period of time. This doesn’t appear to be a common problem, as most reviewers are more than pleased with their purchase. Also, the knife set comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so the handle issue could be taken care of by simply requesting a replacement knife.

The Wusthof Gourmet 12 Piece Knife Set with Block is a great choice to build a kitchen around. There is a wide variety of knife styles within the block, and the blades are sharp and durable. With proper care, this set should perform well for years and years. At a price point of under $200, this set is a great value and will please any home cook.

We have scoured the internet and found the best price on this item is available at Amazon – click here to check it out!

Shun Premier Chef’s Knife Review

Written on December 11, 2012 at 7:20 pm, by

A chef is only as good as his or her tools – and this knife from Shun is sure to make some great chefs. A chef’s knife is the central tool in any kitchen as it is used in the preparation of almost every meal. From dicing vegetables to carving up large pieces of meat, having a knife that is up to every task is crucial to cooking with ease.

The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife is more than capable of handling any job that is thrown its way. We have browsed the internet and found that the best price on this unit is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:


Available in both six and eight inch model, the Shun Premier is truly a hand-crafted piece of artwork. Made in the classic Kasumi method of knife making, the Premier Chef’s Knife actually has two layers of steel to optimum function and durability. The inner layer, made from high carbon VG-10 steel, is designed to form the super sharp blade and hold its edge even after years of use.

Surrounding that core is a layer of Damascus steel which has a softer finish that gives the knife flexibility, corrosion resistance, and makes it rather easy to maintain. The Pakkawood handle fits comfortably in the hand and will last easily as long as the blade itself.Finally the blade is given a hammered finish look to create the classic Japanese appearance that is recognized in many of their handcrafted creations.

Features and Benefits of the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife

Beyond its great looks, the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife offers a wide range of benefits when put into action. Consider the following –

  • All Around Performance. Because of the curved shape of the blade, along with its width, the Premier is great for just about any task. The flexibility saves time in the kitchen by allowing the chef to stick with just one knife throughout the preparation of a meal.
  • Reduced Drag. Thanks to the hammered finish mentioned above, the Premier can cut through even the toughest foods without getting stuck. The hammering gives the food less surface area to cling to, and allows for easy cleaning when finished as well.
  • Oblong Handle for Control. Obviously, being able to control a sharp blade in action is important. The oblong shape of the Shun Premier’s handle will help it rest comfortably in hand while being used so there are no worries about slipping or dropping the knife.

Those who already own and use the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews. Many refer to it as the best knife they have ever used – even those who work in professional kitchens. They comment first on just how sharp the blade is right out of the box without any additional sharpening. Also, owners of this knife love its great looks and the heft it has. Many compare it favorably to even the top knives from high end German manufacturers.

On the negative side, there are very few complaints to be found. Some mention that the blade’s hammered finish is actually not as easy to clean as a flat finished blade. There is also some concern that the blade itself could be a little taller, lending to easier cuts through big pieces of meat.

Overall, the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife is a high quality product that is recommended for anyone who is serious about their cooking. Whether a pro chef or just an avid home cook, the Shun Premier can handle just about any job thrown its way. While a pretty significant investment, this knife will prove worth the price tag in the long run because of its performance and durability.

We have scoured the internet and found the best price on this product is available at Amazon – click here to check it out!

Why Food Pros Love Shun Knives

Food Network celebrity Alton Brown loves his Shun knives and explains why in the video below:

Shun Ken Onion 7-inch Cleaver Review

Written on December 8, 2012 at 4:38 am, by

Any kitchen that see some serious cooking action – whether it commercially or in the home – needs a good quality cleaver. Some jobs are just too tough for the usual collection of chef’s knives that come in a traditional home knife block set. Jobs like cutting through bone, thick cuts of meat, and even large vegetables can be a real chore with smaller knives. Using a cleaver will make short work of even those challenging tasks and allow you to get on with the rest of the meal preparation.

This Ken Onion Cleaver is Japanese made and large enough to take on any cutting job. Just like with other Shun knives, the cleaver is made using incredibly durable VG-10 Stainless Steel for the core of the blade. Around that are 33 layers of Damascus steel that gives the knife a flexibility that allows it to work through bone and ligament with ease.

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Layered construction means this knife will remain straight, sharp, and powerful for years to come. If the cutting edge does start to dull slightly, a quick visit to the sharpener will have it ready to go again. There is also a convenient hole placed in the toe of the blade for easy hanging while not in use, since this large knife will likely not fit inside of a cutlery block.

Features of the Shun Ken Onion 7″ Cleaver

If you are on the fence about whether or not you would use a high quality cleaver such as this enough to warrant the price, consider the following uses:

  • Butchering Large Cuts. A great way to save money on meat costs is to buy large pieces from the meat market and do some of the butchering yourself. With just a little practice you can pull out all sort of different cuts that can be cooked or frozen for use later. This cleaver will make such jobs far faster and easier, and the meat savings will help offset the price of the knife itself.
  • Melons. Another use for a cleaver that is not as often mentioned is for opening up large melons like a watermelon or cantaloupe. Those can be tough to get into with a regular sized knife, so the cleaver is a good choice because of the depth of the blade and its overall heft.
  • Root Vegetables. While things like potatoes can be handled with a smaller knife, a cleaver is a good choice if you are only rough chopping and want to save time.

What Makes Shun Knives Worth the Price?

This video demonstrates how Shun knives are made and why their quality is so much higher than the competition.

Comments and Feedback from Owners

Owners of the Shun Ken Onion Cleaver love how heavy and thick the blade is in person. The edge of the blade is sharp enough to work through bone, yet remains fine enough to get through skin without tearing. They also find the handle very comfortable, which is important for such a heavy knife. Some users note that they sharpen their blade once a month for preventative maintenance, although note that doing so that often is not a necessity.

The only negative to be found regarding this cleaver is the price tag that comes with it. Not surprisingly, a piece of this quality comes in somewhere north of $200. While it is easy to see why the price is in that range considering the size and quality, it is still expensive for a specialized instrument.

For those with a frequent need for the use of a cleaver, the Shun Ken Onion 7-inch model is about as good as they get. The only caveat is that this knife will have to be used on a consistent basis to warrant the cost. If you are someone that does large scale butchering or cuts high volumes of big fruits and veggies, the Shun cleaver will certainly do right by you.

We have found the best price on the Shun Ken Onion 7″ Cleaver at Amazon – click here to check it out!

Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife Review

Written on December 8, 2012 at 2:02 am, by

There are some tasks in the kitchen that simply require a specialized tool. While everyone loves knives or other kitchen appliances that can tackle a wide range of duties, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Take the example of slicing delicate fish.

Without the proper knife, fish that is meant to be thinly sliced and served raw as sashimi will end up mangled and torn apart. Any ideas of elegant presentation are lost when the chef is forced to go after a fish with a knife that is ill-equipped for the job.

The Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife is exactly that kind of specialty item. While not suited for a wide range of kitchen tasks, the Yanagiba knife focuses on one specific job and does it perfectly. Designed to make razor-thin slices from fish, or any other soft meat, this knife is incredibly sharp and narrow in profile. This knife is available at the best price through Amazon – click here to check it out:

The Shun Pro Yanagiba is made from the incredible VG-10 ‘super steel’, which is known for its ability to hold a sharp edge for a long period of time. With proper care, this Yanagiba knife will be slicing even the freshest of fish with ease for years to come. The pakkawood handle is formed in a d-shape to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. The wide blade bevel, or shinogi, on this knife makes sharpening with a whetstone a breeze.

For cooks who strive to remain true to the Japanese method of food preparation, this knife is a great addition to the kitchen. Much of the Japanese style is about consistency and uniformity, and this knife delivers on both counts. The single bevel design of the blade makes it easy to create cuts of fish or meat that are identical time after time. The concave grind, or hollow back design, means only the very tip of the cutting blade actually contacts the food during slicing.

Rather than sticking to the blade after it is cut, this design will allow the food to fall off easily back to the cutting board. It is important to note that because of that single bevel design, this knife is suited best for right-handed cooks. Also, for the longevity of the knife to be retained, it is best to keep the knife out of the dishwasher and simple rinse and air dry after use.

How Shun Knives are Made

What Owners Say About the Shun Yanagiba

The owners of this knife say exactly what you would expect to hear about it – it’s great at cutting fish. They experience cuts that a clean and do not tear the fish. They also appreciate the overall size of the knife, saying it is large enough to handle any fish cutting job not too big as to be hard to control. The blade comes razor sharp and makes quick work of things like seared tuna.

The only complaint of note that is to be found regarding the Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife is that the handle is a little bit small for the liking of some users. Previous versions have featured a bigger handle, so this one feels small to those who have owned earlier models. If you have big hands or prefer the feel of a large handle, you might want to look into other Yanagiba options.

Because of its price tag and narrow focus, this knife is not for everyone. However, if you cut a lot of fresh fish and other soft meats, you will not find a better option than the Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife. It is geared toward doing on specific job, and it excels beyond compare at doing that job beautifully time after time.

We have found the best price on the Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife is available at Amazon – click here co check it out!

Shun DM0705 Classic 9-inch Bread Knife Review

Written on December 8, 2012 at 1:58 am, by

The smell and taste of fresh baked bread is one of the great delights in the kitchen. Bread comes out of the oven soft, warm, and ready to be sliced up and devoured. However, that slicing step can be a little tricky.

Without the right knife, a beautiful fresh loaf of bread can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. A bad knife will smash down the ‘airy’ quality of fresh bread, leaving the loaf flattened and much less desirable. If you love the taste and experience of home baked bread, you need a knife that can create perfect slices out of even the softest breads.

The Shun DM0705 Classic 9-inch Bread Knife is the perfect choice for this scenario. Shun knives are renowned for their quality and performance, and this bread knife is no different. It is adept at slicing anything from crusty artisan breads to soft baguettes.

We have found the best price on the Shun DM0705 9″ Bread Knife is available at Amazon – click here to check it out:

About the Shun Classic 9″ Bread Knife

The blade is forged from stainless steel, and has the traditional serrated edge that is usually seen on bread knives. A Damascus look is achieved on the final blade finish by wrapping the core with 16 layers of stainless steel. This construction also prevents the blade from rusting over time. The large, D-shaped pakkawood handle gives the chef total control over the blade while slicing. That control makes using this knife a safe and enjoyable experience.

Since loaves of bread come in many shapes and sizes, the Shun Classic has a 9-inch blade ready to slice through even the biggest loaf with only a few strokes. Where some bread knives are not as sharp and rely on the serrations to cut the bread, this Shun model is extremely sharp. When the razor-sharp blade is combined with the rolling serrations, incredibly clean slices are sure to follow.

In fact, you will rarely see a crumb escape from the loaf of bread while sliding through it with the Shun Classic Bread Knife. To maintain the sharpness of the blade, it is recommended that this knife be hand washed and left to air dry. While all Shun knives are made to high quality standards, there is also a limited lifetime warranty in place should anything go wrong with the knife.

Why Shun Knives Are a Cut Above the Rest

What Customers Are Saying About the Shun Classic Bread Knife

Owners of this knife say that it is far and away the best bread knife they have ever used. Not only does it do a great job with all kinds of bread loaves, it also can handle delicate desserts like angel food cake. They also like how thin it is capable of slicing pieces of bread, making it useful in any application. There are also many compliments to be found regarding the beauty of this knife. When not in use, many owners choose to display it prominently in their kitchens as an added part of the décor.

As is the case with most Shun knives, it is hard to find many complaints. Japanese knives are designed for smaller hands, so if you have large hands you might want to try one out before committing to a purchase. Also, this is a very expensive knife. That isn’t really a complaint so much as a demonstration of the quality. If you are in the market for a high-end bread knife, you can expect to pay a premium price.

Overall, the Shun DM0705 Classic 9-inch Bread Knife will be up for any bread cutting challenge you can throw its way. This is a premium model and comes with a sizable price tag, so it will mostly appeal to serious at home cooks or professional chefs.

The lifetime warranty and quality construction can help you to be confident in your purchase when considering this knife. If there is constantly fresh bread being pulled from your oven at home, the Shun Classic Bread Knife is an obvious choice to get the most out of each and every slice.

We have found the best price on the Shun DM0705 9″ Bread Knife is available at Amazon – click here to check it out!