The naming of a product can tell you a lot about what the product is and what it does. For example, the name bread knife is a pretty obvious giveaway. Same with steak knife, or paring knife. However, the name Chef’s knife is a little more ambiguous.

What exactly does a Chef’s knife do? Well, it is named that way because it can do just about anything a chef needs to do. Designed as the most versatile knife in the kitchen, most cooks would choose their Chef’s knife if required to keep only one piece of cutlery on hand.

If the Chef’s knife is such an important piece of the kitchen puzzle, it stands to reason that you should invest in a good one. The Shun Classic Chef’s Knife is a top of the line knife that will quickly become the best friend of any serious cook. For anything from slicing meat to chopping vegetables, the Shun Classic Chef’s Knife will be up to the task.

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Features of the Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

There are a few things that stand out about this knife which should give you reason to strongly consider adding it to your arsenal.

  • Quality Steel. The blade of this knife is made from super-strong VG-10 stainless steel. That core is then wrapped with 32 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. The end result is a Damascus steel appearance that has a distinctive pattern and extra rust resistance.
  • Comfortable Grip. This knife includes the standard D-shaped pakkawood handle present on so many Shun knives. It is black laminated for a sleek appearance and fits easily into the hands of almost any chef.
  • Versatility. The shape of this knife is true to its Japanese heritage and makes it adaptable to even very small jobs. While the knife has the needed heft to handle serious butchering work when required, the lower profile toward the tip of the knife lends itself nicely to detail work as well. This versatility is what makes the Shun Classic Chef’s Knife a great choice for the all-in-one needs of many cooks.

Actual Customer Comments

Of all of the comments that are to be heard from current users of this knife, one stands out above the others – “I use this knife twice as often as all my other knives”. That point is really what a quality chef’s knife is all about. The versatility and ease of use that comes with a chef’s knife makes it the clear choice any time you are not sure which tool to reach for. Other compliments revolve around the beauty of this knife and the balanced feel it gives while chopping or slicing.

The main complaint regarding this Shun Chef’s knife is simply that you can’t use a basic mechanical sharpener. The Shun knives have a less-angled edge and will be thrown off badly by the use of a generic sharpener. Your best bet when it comes time to sharpen this knife is to take it to a qualified professional who can do a custom sharpening job.

While this knife is somewhat expensive, it is easy to recommend because of how many different uses you will be able to find for it. Anyone who cooks regularly will put their chef’s knife to good use, so investing in a great one like the Shun Classic should be a no brainer. With proper care and maintenance, this knife will be a staple in the kitchen of anyone who purchases it for decades to come.

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